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Marco Polo Clothing Co. is not only inspired by travel and exploration but also by its community. Marco Polo Clothing Co. sets itself apart by being the only brand that actively engages with its community of fellow travel lovers and adventurers. We actively seek to involve our community in the process of designing and creating apparel and accessories of the highest quality that the Marco Polo community will want to wear.

Our first community challenge is now open and we are accepting designs from our community of travellers, explorers and jet-setters to help design specific pieces for our clothing collection coming in 2021 titled "Dawn". 

We want your submissions and designs for both male and female apparel that is specifically targeted for both comfort and style whilst on the move. The collection will include pieces for long and short journeys by air, land or sea. We are accepting designs for clothing that can be worn in the first-class lounges all the way to the nightlife of Ibiza (and everything in between).

The basics of your submissions can include any piece of clothing you wish, for example:  

- Leggings

- Joggers

- Sweatshirts

- Tracksuits

- T-shirts/crop tops

- Socks/underwear

The chosen designers will be the first to see and be seen in the 'Dawn' collection, with a full sample our travel pack (1x full collection in the size of your choice) supplied to you ahead of general release. The successful designers will also be featured on our website as our very first community contributors and creators.

Please send all submissions and enquiries in an easy to open format such a PDF or Jpeg to, along with your name and contact information. 

Good Luck Adventurers!

Marco Polo Community Team


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